Gone Viral?

Case Study

Today we’re looking at one of our projects for Fury Events. They needed a set of videos for their activity centre, which included quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and buggy racing. They had videos already but wanted something more up to date and that really got across the energy of a day at Fury Events.

This is a key point, in that, having a video is good, but keeping your videos refreshed is even better. They had a good audience already on social media (over 7000 likes on Facebook) but you can’t keep posting the same content to that audience over and over again.

The shoot went great (despite the weather) and both we and Jack at Fury Events were really pleased with how the videos came out. But what we want to focus on is the next part of the story. What happened when Jack posted those videos on Facebook on 27th October.

This is a screen grab from 5 days later…

Twenty Thousand Views.

And this is just one video. There were 4 others with similar numbers.

What’s important to note, is the level of interaction the videos are getting.

Without a prompt from Fury Events, Facebook users are tagging their friends in the comments on the activity videos. Their friends are probably not following Fury Events. This is the best way of reaching a new audience, 100% organic.

In a sense, these videos have gone viral. Yeah not viral like Gangnam Style but users have watched, liked, tagged and passed on to their networks.

Compare the level of interaction that this video got, to this picture posted essentially doing the same thing, advertising quad biking.

They’re both essentially saying the same thing, advertising the quad biking activity, but users are so much more engaged when it comes to video.

The videos we produced for Fury Events went on to receive over 250,000 views between them. So whether you need an activity centre video, a product video or you just want to talk about your service. Sharing on social media like this, and getting that audience interaction is the best way to get meaningful views. You might not have 7000 likes on your business page, but we bet you have a few hundred friends on your personal page, so upload it to there. Friends are much more likely to share something you’ve created to their networks so you get the same effect, and who knows, a friend of your friend could be looking for a product or service just like yours.