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Having produced a massively successful video campaign for Fury Events, when they launched their new company, The Geordie Games, they knew video content could get things to really start with a bang.

With quite a wide target audience of stag and hen dos, but also corporate away days, it was important to strike the right tone. We focussed on the people as much as the activities themselves as viewers are much more likely to identify and connect with images of people than anything else. An upbeat soundtrack and a bright, colourful aesthetic helped make a video with wide appeal.

This video has been viewed over 100,000 times across The Geordie Game’s social channels and been used continually in their marketing efforts over the last year.

With this video being produced pre-launch, during a soft launch of the event company, it meant there would be a video available as soon as the website went live. Adopting this approach meant all marketing efforts could be coordinated from launch and we’d really recommend any start-ups think about doing something similar.

It’s quite common for company websites in all industries to launch with ‘placeholder’ videos, usually produced in-house with the thought ‘we’ll replace it at some point.’

What you really want to think about is what impression are you giving the visitor of your website. Usually when a new website launches, there’s lots of activity, social posts everywhere, everyone’s excited to promote it and that would hopefully lead to lots of traffic. But what if that is the only time someone is going to visit your site? What if the video they see is the lasting impression they have of your business? Is that video, the impression you want to leave?

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