We are Blue Bandit Media, a full service video production company.
We’re based in Newcastle, UK but we’ve shot videos all over the world.

How we work

It all starts with one person. The viewer. We need to know who you’re trying to connect with and why. Then, we start to figure out the how.

Working backwards from this allows us to research the best way for you to make a connection. Which platform should your video be tailored to – where does your target viewer spend their time online? What are your competitors doing to connect with this viewer – how can your video make you stand out? What do you want your viewer to do after the video – how do we tailor the video to make them follow your call to action?

Who we work with


Who we are


After graduating with a degree in Television and Media Production, Roni spent two years working in the art department on short films, feature films (Harrigan, Almost Married) and music videos before starting Blue Bandit Media, which gives her an eye for detail and the artistic insight to make videos that are truly eye catching and unique.


Since graduating from his Media Production degree, Steven has written and directed a number of short films as well as developed projects with Creative England. He has also worked in the Premier and Football Leagues creating video content and shot scenes for a Fulwell 73 documentary series for Netflix, giving a range of experiences which help influence the content produced at Blue Bandit Media.

We also work with a massive group of skilled and specialist freelancers that can help bring your project to completion. From drone pilots to sound designers, if your videos need a niche skill, we’ve got it covered.

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