What’s Your Video Budget?

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As cheap as possible.

We hear this all the time, and hey, that’s because it’s true. Everyone would like something done and done well, but pay the least amount of money for it. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver excellent, value for money videos and have even came up with ways to help smaller businesses invest in video without breaking the bank (head over to our Shootout page to find out more.)

But video can cost anything. Literally anything.

It can cost you nothing – if you shoot it yourself, on your phone or that camera you bought a few years ago for taking holiday pictures.

And we’re not disregarding doing that. It might suit what you want to do. If you want to put out advice videos on Twitter and Facebook then this is pretty much perfect

But if you’re planning on putting a video on your homepage, or you want video to be the way people discover your business then you want to make a great first impression right?

Having a well polished video is the perfect way to make a great first impression, and that doesn’t mean it has to be overly expensive. But it’s a really good idea to think about what kind of resources you want to invest in a project, be that time, money or manpower. And thinking about this at the very start of the process is really helpful.

It’s helpful to you as you can budget other aspects of your business accordingly, and there’ll be no nasty surprises further down the road. And it’s helpful to us as we can plan any ideas around the budget that’s available.

If we have a larger budget to work with, then we can think about specialist equipment that might make your video look even more epic such as cranes, slow motion cameras or drone photography.

What you really need to consider when thinking about your budget, is what is your video going to be worth to you?

Here’s an example: If you’re a business coach, and your clients pay you £300 per month, and you think by having a video on your website you’ll get 2 new clients in the next year, that video is worth £600 per month, potentially for many years. So allocating a budget of £1000 looks like a pretty solid investment to us.

Video is no different to any other type of project, weigh up how vital it is, how it will impact your business and budget accordingly. Even if it’s a rough figure, whoever you approach to make your video will really appreciate it if you let them know as early as possible.

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