Vlogging Service

Embrace The Power Of The Vlog

Vlogging (video blogging) can make your website stand out and build trust with prospective customers. Here’s how vlogging can help your business, and how Blue Bandit Media can help you to make it happen.

Why vlog?

Four reasons why we love vlogging:

  1. It lets you showcase your expertise. You can show your next big client how much you know about your subject.
  2. Vlogs get shared much more regularly than blogs.
  3. It keeps you at the top of people’s minds. They may dip in and out of your vlog, but they’ll see the sparkling new content you’re putting out. And when they need your service, your name will leap out at them.
  4. Google loves video content more than it hates paying tax. If you update your vlog regularly, you’ll see a real difference in your SEO.

So what’s stopping you?

Here’s the thing about vlogging – it’s great for professionals. If you know what you’re talking about, and you have experience in your field,  you are an ideal vlogger.

But professionals don’t want their vlogs to look amateur. So if you’re turned off by the idea of putting out videos filmed on your phone, complete with background noise and awkward pauses, then there is another way of making it happen.

And Blue Bandit Media can help.

Option 1

You Shoot, We Edit

You film your 4 vlogs every month

Send us the footage, we edit and return them to you ready to upload

We’ll give you a tips and tricks pack for filming and upload your videos



Option 2

We Shoot, We Edit

We spend half a day every month filming your 4 vlogs with you

We edit and return your videos, ready to upload

You’ll get a custom thumbnail for YouTube, and a teaser video for social media for all 4

We’ll give you a tips and tricks pack for uploading your videos

Option 3

We Shoot, We Edit, We Manage

We spend half a day every month filming your 4 vlogs with you

We edit your videos and upload them

We work with you, and implement a social media strategy for promoting your vlog

We’ll add annotations and cards that link to other videos helping you grow your audience

We manage your YouTube channel making sure it’s optimised so your customers can find you