Should You Film Your Video Yourself?

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This is another one of those questions where the correct answer is: it depends.

It depends on who are you are, who you’re making the video for and what the goal of the video is.

Say you want a video on the homepage of your website, that introduces your business, what it does, why customers should choose you. Or you’re making a product video that really shows off how amazing your product is. Or you’re making a promotional video that you’re going to send out on social media, maybe use it for Facebook Ads, and you want to grab people’s attention.

Unless you’re experienced with video production and editing, then no, you don’t want to film it yourself. You want your customer’s first impression of you to be a good one, and a shaky video filmed on your smartphone probably won’t give the best impression.

But… If you’re looking at giving out some information or doing a Q&A on Twitter, and the goal of the video is to raise your exposure, build your reputation in your business network and generally get your face out there, then absolutely. Film it yourself, on your smartphone and post it. People will forgive some technical mishaps in videos used like this as it’s a much more social and relaxed context.

As we write this, we’ve just got home from the North East Expo and saw Pascal Fintoni’s talk on video marketing. It was great and we recommend anyone who has the chance to go see him for some really useful tips! Something Pascal talked about was the idea of building up to video marketing, through using video when messaging and meeting.

Alongside giving out advice on Twitter, you could send people @replies as videos. These show people that you’ve really taken the time and effort to reach out to them. But it also helps you build confidence in front of a camera, and gets you used to using the video functions of your phone or camera.

If you’re someone who gives out advice for a living, and you are your business, then yes. You should be using video a lot, and for all sorts of things, not all of which need to be professionally produced. What really matters is what you’re saying, so concentrate on that and just make sure you’re in the shot, in focus and they can hear you!

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