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You may have already guessed (or perhaps not if you’ve never visited us before) we have a new website!

It’s been a few months in the pipeline, getting put off when projects took over, yada yada. So to all those people we’ve been telling all year that we’re building a new site, here it is!

We think it gives a much better impression of us, for starters, there’s some actual information about who we are, and that brings us on to something.

When we first started, we looked at what other video production companies did, and basically tried to copy them. But the more people we spoke to, the more people said that it was us that they liked, the fact we were different.

No, we’re not the first husband and wife video team, but it’s not exactly common especially in new businesses. So we decided to embrace that a little more when putting the new site together.

Something that is unique however, is a couple of our services. The Blue Bandit Shootout and the Vlogging Service. Unique in that they are fixed price, and take a different approach to video production. Having dedicated pages for these services on the site will hopefully give you an overview of your options straight away.

We also have a brand new showreel, so be sure to have a watch of that too. It features some of our favourite clips from our video production work over the past few years.

We’d really appreciate any feedback you have for us so contact us if you do.

Thanks for checking it out!
Steven & Roni

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