Who We Are

Hello. We’re Steven and Roni, and we’re a husband and wife video team.

Individually, we are experienced and qualified video experts who’ve been doing this since we were teenagers. But we’re way, way more than the sum of our parts.

Neither of us could do what we do without the other. And together, we are able to produce videos that will supercharge your promotions and maximise your budget.


know how a picture paints a thousand words?
Meet the painter.

Roni made her debut working in the art department of independant films. She combines her filming and editing expertise with a passion for the picture. Having started out as an artist and photographer, Roni creates the atmosphere and composition of your video, so that it’s unique to your brand.


From skate-park to business park,
making things look awesome.

Steven started out shooting extreme sports, and still gets a kick out of capturing footage and making it look amazing. He’s worked for a Premier League football club, and developed film projects with Creative England as a writer/director. He’ll usually be the one with his eye to the viewfinder.

Don’t tell anyone, but these are the secrets to our filmmaking success

1 Two heads are better than one.
We talk a lot during a shoot. (Not while we’re filming, obviously!) We’ll talk to you, so you know what we’re up to. We talk to each other, building up the picture together. And our combined experience and perspectives will give you a video you can’t wait to share.

2 Nervous people don’t make good videos.
So if you’re going to be appearing in front of the camera, we’ll do everything we can to put you at ease. Shout, swear, do a practice run – whatever you need to feel comfortable on camera. You can be yourself in front of us.

3 We never forget that it’s not our product.
It’s yours. Your business, your reputation. And that means we always go the extra mile to make sure that you get exactly what you need for your business.