7 Ways To Get your Video Seen

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Okay, so you’ve made a video. Either you’ve made it, or you’ve hired someone to make it… But now what do you do with it?

It’s no good spending all that time, effort and money making something, if no one’s going to see it! So here are some ways of getting your video seen.

1.Tell people it’s there!

We’re going to assume that you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube as that’s probably what you’ve done and you’ve hopefully embedded it somewhere on your website (preferably the home page!) But once you do, tell people it’s there, as in, during interactions you have with other humans, in real life. Videos are a great conversation starter, whether you’re at a networking event, a party, a family gathering etc.

“What have you been up to?”
“Oh I’ve just made a video for my business”
“Yeah it’s on my website, you should take a look”
“I will! I bet that was fun…”
“It was, we wanted to show…”

There you go, an opportunity to talk about your business, and get people to visit your website and watch your video. Make sure you follow up by sending them a link and asking for feedback.

2. Share it on Facebook, more than once

Your Facebook friends probably have hundreds of connections on there so your video could well get lost in their feed. So maybe post it once a week, or once a month (depending on how much post normally.) Ask for feedback. Yes your friends will most likely tell you that it’s great no matter what but it starts an interaction. Maybe one of your friend’s friends is your ideal customer, then they might see it. And voila, your video is now getting watched organically by the very person you made it for.
You may also look into uploading it directly to Facebook as well as YouTube as Facebook give preference to video they’re hosting. It doesn’t matter how people are watching it, as long as they are.

3. Use it in your proposals

You’ve got someone interested in your service, great. They ask for a proposal, great. You want to tell them why you’re such a great business but it takes you 500 words to get the point across, not so great.

Include a link to your video in your proposal. It might not have all the finer details necessary, but if they watch that first, and buy into what you’re about then it’ll make reading the next 4 pages a whole lot easier.

4. Include it in your newsletter

People who’ve signed up to your mailing list, are already predisposed to engaging with the content you create. Maybe they’ve only met you a couple of times, are not quite sure what you do or who they could recommend you to. Ask them to watch your video, hopefully, they’ll have a clear understanding of who you are, what you do and whether or not you could help them or people in their network.

5. Tweet your video

A lot. Not so much that you’re being spammy. But Twitter is the easiest of the social networks for content to disappear in. There’s so much going on! Make sure you use the full link from YouTube (don’t shrink it,) and that way it’ll play right in Twitter!
Use a scheduling app like Hootsuite and send different Tweets about your video everyday when you first put it up. Use different hashtags to try and get in front of different audiences, use @replies to send it directly to people, and hopefully, they’ll Retweet it. Also, have it as your Pinned Tweet. This is one of the easiest ways to get your video seen. Every time someone goes to your profile, boom, there it is.

6. Post it on LinkedIn

It’s amazing how far reaching LinkedIn can be. If one of your connections comments on or likes your video, who knows might see it. Even if you’re not business-to-business, get your video on LinkedIn, it’s not like someone’s going to switch off the consumer part of their brain while they flick through their updates.

7. Repeat

We often see people get really excited about their video when they first get it, they Tweet about it, send it to people, talk about it. And hey, that’s more than some people! But after a week they stop. Now unless your video is time sensitive, it’s promoting an offer or something like that, you should keep sharing your video. If you’ve made a great introduction to your business, then use it as introduction to your business for as long as you can. It’s always worthwhile updating your videos to keep them fresh, and the more you have the more variety your Tweets and posts will have. But unless that video is out of date somehow, or no longer represents what you do, keep shouting about it to get your video seen.

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