6 Reasons Video Marketing Can’t be Ignored

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We invited 2 of our favourite marketing guys – Andrew and Pete to write for our blog about why they have swapped written blogs for a weekly vlog, and why this switch to video has paid off.

Take it away guys!

In this article we run through 6 reasons why you need to start introducing video content into your marketing, pronto!

Like… cancel your plans tomorrow… pronto.

We get that video can be scary, but here’s the thing… you are only going to get better at it with practice, so although you may feel like your first video is going to suck… don’t worry… everybody’s first video sucked. If you get consistent with it, you’ll be rocking the camera in no time.

So why do you need to pay attention to this article, if your first video is going to suck?

Because if you want to be forward thinking with your marketing and your business development, then you have to start video marketing in some form. It’s not the future of marketing, it’s the present, here’s 6 reasons why Video Marketing rocks…

  1. It’s been the year of the video since god knows when

Seriously, this phrase is thrown around a lot in the marketing world:

“2016 is the year of the video”
“2015 is the year of the video”
“2014 is the year of the video”
You know what though, YouTube was launched in 2005, 11 YEARS AGO. 

Baby Panda Sneezing GIF

Even Baby Panda Sneezing is now 7 Years Old… not a baby anymore.

But it’s not just silly viral videos on YouTube, people have been successfully marketing and making money with video for over a decade. This isn’t anything new, this isn’t a fad, this is a tried and tested way of promoting your business.
Don’t you think it’s time you caught up, and jumped on board the video train?

  1. It’s a more effective way to communicate

Let’s look in a much more black and white way… if you’ve got a message you want to get out to the world be it…

  • Advice
  • Opinion
  • Sales
  • Etc.

Video is your best bet for communicating that message effectively, and having people remember it. There have been studies done that show on average people remember 

  • 20% of what they see
  • 30% of what they hear


  • 70% of what they see and hear

So if you want to grow your business, boost your brand awareness, sell more products, sell more services, increase your positioning or become a person of influence… video is the answer.

  1. It’s so easy to do that it’ll eventually become the norm.

There are lots of reasons to hire a fantastic, professional company like Blue Bandit Media to create videos for you, and we would definitely recommend doing so at some point.

Saying that, you should be experimenting with DIY video production too, for other areas of your marketing.
It’s so easy to shoot video these days as we all carry around with us a mini-video camera… our phone.

Beyonce GIF

Plus, this article isn’t even touching on how awesome LIVE Video can be for your business with apps like Periscope and Facebook LIVE making it quick and easy to create video on the fly.

The point here is that the barriers to creating video are crumbling fast, and soon it is going to be the norm to be creating video for marketing purposes.

Now, remember before we said your first video is always going to suck?

Don’t you want to get through the sucky phase before video marketing isn’t a maybe, it’s a requirement?
You need to know when the services of a company like Blue Bandit Media are essential, but don’t let that hold you back from whipping out your phone and capturing video when the opportunity arrises.

  1. Social media marketing and video go hand in hand

We see the lines blurring between social media marketing and video/content marketing each month. It’s becoming one of the same thing.

The content we create is fueling our social media marketing, and although curating other people’s content is OK and useful in certain situations, if you really want to create a brand people LOVE, share and buy from without thinking, you need to have something to say for yourself… and what we have ‘to say’ is developed through the content we create.

If you look at the latest ‘platforms’ that have broken through into mass media… Periscope (owned by Twitter) and Snapchat… it’s VIDEO that is fuelling them, and video that YOU are creating not curating.

But even our old friend Facebook is well on their way to transitioning more and more towards video, with founder Mark Zuckerberg reportedly being ‘obsessed’ with live video and has gone on record to say…
“Within 5 Years Facebook will mostly be video” Mark Zuckerberg, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg

Now all the others are following suit… Instagram have just launched stories (mainly video), and recently increased Instagram videos to 1 minute long. LinkedIn (who are famously slow to the party) have introduced native video within LinkedIn for a select few, with plans for it to be rolled out to many soon. Even pinned YouTube videos on Pinterest show up as playable pins.

So if you are actively present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram or Snapchat, video needs to be part of your strategy.

  1. There’s also SEO benefits to be had

If you aren’t sold already, then how about this… video can improve your search engine rankings.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and is owned by the largest search engine in the world… Google.

People are searching YouTube for answers to problems; if you can solve those problems, then you can get your business in front of a whole other audience.

YouTube videos also now show up in standard Google searches, AND having a video embedded on a page of your website, can also help increase the SEO of that page specifically, as well as increase the conversion rate of that page.

Using video for SEO reasons is a whole other deeper topic that we’ve just scratched here, but it’s another BIG reason you can’t ignore video marketing.

  1. Building trust and attention is crucial in today’s world

We attended a talk by Seth Godin – our marketing hero and all round marketing genius (he’s got 18 best selling books – he knows his stuff), and he said that the biggest assets we can be building for our businesses in today’s world are ‘trust’ and ‘attention.’

Seth Godin Quote

He is bang on!

Think about it… how much competition is there right now? How many options do we have as consumers? How many scams do we hear about? How wary are we when buying from somebody we don’t know?

Trust is at an all time low, and the best way to build trust… you guessed it… video.

Showing your face, talking about your passion/industry/product/whatever builds trust quicker than the written word. When we started creating video in our business, we found that almost instantly.

Keeping consistent with your video efforts, and providing that constant value, also keeps the attention of your audience. If somebody isn’t ready to buy from you today, you can either lose them as a future customer, or keep their attention by creating content that they value.

It’s unbelievable how many people buy from us weeks, months and years after first finding out about us… because we have kept their attention and built their trust in us. We did this with blogging for years but since switching to video marketing, have found this a quicker and more efficient means of creating a tribe of people who love what we do, and who will buy from us when the time is right.

Final Thoughts

We hope at least one of those 6 reasons (if not them all!) have got you inspired to start experimenting with video marketing. We are happy to take any questions in the comments so comment away!

We create video over on our YouTube channel so go check that out at www.youtube.com/andrewandpeteTV as an example of how we are using video, and subscribe over there for more.

Thanks for having us Blue Bandit Media!

Andrew and Pete

Written by Andrew and Pete

Andrew and Pete run an award winning content marketing company called – believe it or not – ‘Andrew and Pete’, where they help small businesses create share-worthy content that builds brands people love. They have been featured on Social Media Examiner and Entrepreneur on Fire. You can find out more about them at www.andrewandpete.com


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